Another online postal scam in Serbia

Quite a few people in Serbia have received e-mails recently from allegedly the Serbian Post Office (Pošte Srbije) which are a scam.

A group of fraudsters have sent e-mails to randomly selected recipients informing them that they need to pay customs duties for the package that has arrived and is deposited in a post office. Despite frequent warnings from the Serbian Post Offices that the name of this public company has been misused and that recipients of such e-mails should not open them, let alone respond to them, several people have fallen for this scam.

A man from Belgrade, who was really expecting a package, is one of them and as a result, lost about 300,000 dinars, which were taken from his account. The email reads as follows:

“Dear customer, your package could not be delivered because customs duty in the amount of 30.45 dinars was not paid. As a reminder, the Serbian Post Offices informs you that your shipment number RS1950317-0935 is still waiting for your instructions. Please confirm payment of delivery costs 30.45 dinars so we can release the package.”

The e-mail then instructs the recipient to click on the provided link to have the package delivered. It even says that by calling the Post Office’s Call Centre at 0700 100 300, the recipients can find out more about the company’s services, prices, post office hours, shipment tracking and address codes, which is supposed to add credibility to the e-mail.

(Kurir, 30.12.2022)

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