Another Elena Ferrante’s novel now available in Serbian language

The book “The Days of Abandonment” (“I giorni dell’abbandono”), written by the famed Italian novelist, Elena Ferrante, whose other book “Neapolitan Novels” has achieved unprecedented success and popularity in Serbia (and around the world), is now available in the Serbian language.

“The Days of Abandonment” (published by Booka) is a novel that talks about the most controversial aspects of women’s consciousness and sensibility, women’s strengths and weaknesses. After the husband of the main character Olga tells her that he is leaving her, she starts to feel trapped, stunned, hurt and broken, left alone with two young children. What she is faced with is a painful road to dealing with fears, the hurtful past and her own identity.

Elena Ferrante’s books have caused a literary tide, particularly among female readers, since her focus is mostly on authentic female experiences. The novel “The Days of Abandonment” is a piercing echo of that voice.

To this day, Elena Ferrante remains out of the public eye. Yet, she is a writer whom literary critics from different parts of the world regard as the most important contemporary Italian writer. Her identity has been hidden since her literary beginnings and to this day, we are not sure who is hiding behind Elena Ferrante name – one person or a group of writers? There is very scarce information available about her – allegedly, she was born in 1943 in Naples and she is a mother. The remaining available information are just assumptions drawn from her work. In rare interviews, which she always does via e-mail, Elena Ferrante talks about self-preservation and the lack of a desire to be subjected to journalistic games as they make writers behave the way the readers expect them to.

She has published several novels, including “The Days of Abandonment”, followed by “Neapolitan Novels” that brought her tremendous success around the world. She is also famous for her best-seller “My Brilliant Friend”, published in 2011. A year later, she wrote “The Story of a New Name”, followed by “Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay”, in 2013.

Time magazine declared Elena Ferrante one of the 100 most influential people in 2016.

(Blic, 22.01.2019)


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