Analysts: Vucevic nominated PM because he is loyal to Vucic

In the 12 years since the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) came to power in Serbia, three people have been the prime minister – the first one was Ivica Dačić, head of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), which is a coalition partner of the SNS, then Aleksandar Vučić himself and Ana Brnabić, who led the Serbian government from mid-2017 until now.

As of Sunday, there is a new name in the game. Miloš Vučević, the current president of the SNS and the Defence Minister in the outgoing government, is, according to the President of Serbia, the best candidate for the new prime minister.

According to local media, there were several other names in the running for the prime minister’s chair – Finance Minister Siniša Mali and even the ambassador to the USA, Marko Đurić.

After having lunch with Mali and Vučević in the new Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Belgrade, Vučić announced on his Instagram profile that Vučević is the new candidate for Prime Minister of Serbia.

After the announcement, there were congratulations from Vučević’s party colleagues and ministers who branded Vučević a “capable man and patriot”.

Finance Minister Siniša Mali wrote “Miloš is responsible and serious, he does his job conscientiously and diligently and I believe that he is the best choice to helm the government in the next four years”.

Political analyst Đorđe Vukadinović reminds that according to the constitution and laws of Serbia, the position of prime minister is the most important function of the executive power, but he points out that this is not the case in a country where the SNS rules.

“In the system of government as developed under Aleksandar Vučić and SNS, being a prime minister is practically a technical function, hardly more than the function of an ordinary minister, that is, the function of assistant to the main and only minister and prime minister, practically the only institution in Serbia, which is Aleksandar Vučić. So in that sense, if we put the constitution and the law aside and focus on the Serbian political reality, the position of Prime Minister is not too important and neither is the person who occupies that position”, Vukadinović assesses.

Economic journalist Mijat Lakićević assesses that Vučević has a “decent background in terms of obedience to Aleksandar Vučić”.  He adds that Siniša Mali is primarily in charge of the economic and financial part, which Vučić understands somewhat less.

“Mali does not know how to play the role of a politician, he is more suited to the role of an economic expert. Vučević was the mayor of Novi Sad and during his time in the office as the defence minister, he showed a very strong political note. Aleksandar Vučić needs someone who will handle that part of state and social affairs and keep it under control,” says Lakićević and adds that Vučević will not meddle too much in the economic sector.

(Voice of America, 01.04.2024)

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