Analysts say that Vucic’s investment cycle, announced yesterday, is just a marketing trick

According to President Vucic, the state would present a big new investment plan for the upcoming period, worth between 5 and 10 billion euro which would last four or five years.

“I believe that, with this cycle, we will be able to complete all the major capital projects and build the infrastructure in most of Serbia, from water supply and sewer systems to wastewater treatment facilities. We will invest in the subway system in Belgrade, but also in motorways, railways, Corridor 10, all the while making sure that these investments do not lead to higher public debt. Furthermore, we expect the GDP growth to be over 5 or 6%,” Vucic said.

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The opposition bloc is now asking why did the government wait seven years to do this?

Borko Stefanovic, vice-president of the Liberty and Justice Party (Stranka Slobode i Pravde), says that the government copied such an idea from their party programme. Stefanovic has no dilemma – the announcement of a new investment cycle is the announcement of a new election campaign.

“People should be aware that if the Progressives promise an investment programme, in translation, that means they Serbian citizens will be further impoverished and that they are going to use all the photographs related to this investment cycle for their campaigns and marketing purposes. This also shows that Aleksandar Vucic did read the Liberty and Justice Party’s political programme in which we clearly elaborated and demonstrated the opportunity to implement an annual investment programme worth 2.5 billion euro,” says Borko Stefanovic.

And how do analysts interpret the launch of the new investment cycle? An economist from Novi Magazin, Mijat Lakicevic, says there is an election campaign in the background of the whole story.

“We do not yet know what this investment cycle exactly entails and where they are going to find the money for it. I see that the Belgrade subway is mentioned as one of the projects, but the construction of the subway will certainly not be funded from the state budget as the government plans to obtain a loan, probably from China. This story of investment cycles is a marketing trick for voters. Election will take place next year. Vucic is already preparing for it, as he is also preparing his ‘carrot on the stick’ strategy and a bunch of lies for his voters,” says Lakicevic.

Nobody knows what the money for this investment cycle is going to be spent on, but the government says that it will come up with a detailed plan by the year-end.

(N1, 24.06.2019)


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