Ana Brnabic is the new prime minister – more women in the government

The President of Serbia and of the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vučić, announced that the new Prime Minister designated to form the government of Serbia would be Ana Brnabić. The new head of the government will have to address three priorities: strengthening economy, military and healthcare.

“I must underline that we had several candidates for the position of the prime minister and I thank them all. A few minutes ago I signed a decree to appoint Ana Brnabić as Prime Minister. She has pursued a disciplined and responsible policy, and has not grovelled to foreign power centres or anyone else in the country, ”President Vučić said.

When asked who will be the coalition partners of the SNS party, Vučić said he had spoken with everyone and that, “now it is up to the designated prime minister to take control and I expect the decision to be made in the coming days”.

The President underlined that it is important to point out some things to the Prime Minister designated to compose the new government, and to the parliamentary majority.

“Serbia is proud to be a free, independent and sovereign country; to be on the European path and to have friendly relations with Russia and China, and to try to build better ones with the United States. The three main objectives of the government are aimed at increasing Serbia’s economic strength: the living standard must grow despite the current conditions caused by the coronavirus, pensions and civil servant salaries must be increased, and the construction of roads and railways must be completed in the best and easiest way. We must invest in other projects, and one of these is finally commencing the construction of the Belgrade subway which I believe will be a great stimulus for the economy. We also need to begin with the construction of the Belgrade-Nis, Nis-Presevo high-speed railway, from Valjevo to the border with Montenegro and the Novi Sad-Subotica section. The Miloš Veliki motorway stretch to Požega will have been finished by the year-end. I have insisted on the launch of new projects such as the subway, so that we don’t become complacent looking at previous achievements,” the Serbian President added.

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Vučić’s speech at the Palace of Serbia was preceded by the session of the SNS Presidency which ended around 18:00. Allegedly, the proposal of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to appoint Ana Brnabić as the new Prime Minister had been unanimously accepted.

Ana Brnabić has been the PM of the Republic of Serbia since 29 June 2017; she had previously been Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government. She was born in Belgrade, has a master’s degree (MBA) from the University of Hull in the UK and for over ten years, has worked with international organizations, foreign investors, local governments and the public sector in Serbia.

She is the first woman to hold the post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

(Blic, 05.10.2020)

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