Ana Brnabic as new PM: Parliament in turmoil

Six MPs from the Jedinstvena Srbija party, led by Dragan Markovic Palma, are going to vote against Ana Brnabic becoming prime minister. Also, not all members of the Serbian Progressive Party are happy with Vucic’s choice.

Earlier, Markovic said that “Ana Brnabic will never be his prime minister”. As the Blic daily finds out from the sources close to the Progressives, there is no unity in the party when it comes to supporting Brnabic’s appointment.

“There is a lot of division in the party, and many were surprised with this decision. It is hardly likely that all MPs from the Serbian Progressive Part are going to vote in favour (of Brnabic becoming PM)”, the source says.

Vucic could easily find himself in a very difficult situation. To remind, his party has 160 MPs in the Parliament, i.e. the overwhelming majority. The sources say that at least a third of them are not happy with Vucic’s decision to appoint Brnabic.

If it really does happen that at least 30 MPs from the Serbian Progressive Party and six from Jedinstvena Srbija vote against Brnabic becoming the new prime minister, her appointment could be jeopardized.

Today, the top officials of the Progressives are due to meet in the party HQ in Novi Beograd. “President Vucic’s role at this meeting would be to try to convince everybody that Brnabic is a good choice for prime minister”, a source from the party says.

(Blic, 16.06.2017)


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