Ana Brnabić appointed new Parliament Speaker

The Serbian Parliament elected former Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to the post of Speaker on the third day of its constitutive session.

This parliament was elected at the December 17 elections which were followed by protests and reports of irregularities and election fraud.

The Serbia against Violence and NADA coalition MPs walked out of the hall just before the vote to appoint Brnabic except for Aleksandar Jovanovic Cuta who threw toilet paper at Brnabic during the vote. Some opposition MPs banged their desks.

MPs also elected six deputy speakers (from the SNS, SVM, SPS and other parties) as well as the secretary general.

Brnabic took the chair just before an argument between her and opposition MPs.

The Serbian Constitution prescribes three branches of power – executive (government), judicial and legislative (assembly), which should control each other.

However, that principle is violated by the predominance of the ruling party, says Zoran Krstić, a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences.

“According to the Constitution, there should be a division of power, but the executive power practically controls both the judicial and legislative powers in Serbia,” he says.

By law, ministers should be held responsible for their work by MPs in the assembly, but in practice, this is rarely the case.

(B92, 21.03.2024)

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