Ana Brnabic and Nenad Popovic in a heated argument over a „gay book“

„Friday was probably one of the hardest days for me since I became prime minister. I told President Vucic that it was days like this that make me question my place and the role I play in the government“, said Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic following a verbal altercation with Minister Nenad Popovic.

In her statement, Prime Minister describes how she felt after the quarrel at the government session with Minister without Portfolio in charge of Technological Development, Nenad Popovic.

„I think that’s only human and it is all right to talk about it. My love for Serbia, the belief that this country can do much more and better, and the personal responsibility to finish the job I started, as well as improving the living standard of Serbian citizens, making sure that they have more choice in life and prosperity for their families are the main motives why I accepted to run this government and be at its helm“, Brnabic says in the statement.

Prime Minister Brnabic and Minister Popovic clashed at the government session yesterday after the minister Popovic called out on authorities to prevent the distribution of the Croatian children’s book called „My Gay Family“ in Serbia. On his Twitter account, Popovic said that  at the time when the country was fighting for a higher birthrate, „we must put a stop to those people who are trying to convince us that it is OK for Roko to have two mums, and for Ana to have two dads“.  

Prime Minister Brnabic underlined that she had nothing against ministers having their opinion, but is committed to discussing the issues with other government members.

„I have always encouraged and I will continue to encourage the government members to say what they think of any topic, regardless of whether we agree or not, but to do so at the government sessions so that we, as a government, can give the citizens the valid and complete information and to take a united stance as a government. Secondly, we should not open up other issues at the time  when we need to be fully focused on the difficult topics that are already on the table“, she says.

Defence and Labour Ministers, Aleksandar Vulin and Zoran Djordjevic respectively, have denied media allegations that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic offered her resignation and added that there was no conflict in the Serbian government.

„Every minister has his own opinion as does the prime minister, but we have to exercise together only one policy, which is the policy of preserving state unity and ensuring prosperity. There will always be disputes and different views of the world, we all have them, so I would not attach too much importance to this “, Vulin said.

Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic said that there was no conflict in the Serbian government and that its quality was based on decisions that are being adopted democratically.

„Do you really think that there is a conflict in the Government and that Prime Minister would resign over a minor issue and difference in opinion?  The government is above all that“,  Djordjevic added.

(Blic, 06.05.2018)

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