Ana Brnabic: Amendments to Constitution soon

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic has confirmed that she had received a letter from the Secretariat of the Venice Commission in which they agree with the amendments to the Serbian Constitution, submitted by the Ministry of Justice, and added that the Serbian government would soon propose to the parliament to implement the said amendments.

Brnabic was at the National Parliament, where she was replying to the questions from deputies, and pointed out that she was extremely proud of heading a government that has been conducting a public debate over constitutional changes and amendments for more than a year. 

“This is an example of a democratic society and democracy, and I believe that the Ministry of Justice has done a good job”, she added. 

According to Brnabic, the Ministry found a great way to make the judiciary in Serbia more independent than before and in order for the citizens and businesses to have a more effective judiciary. 

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“If the National Parliament votes “yes” to the amendments to the Constitution, Serbia will be a good example of a successfully implemented judicial reform”, the prime minister said.

“Statements made by the German Deputy do not reflect official position”

Commenting on a statement made by the German MP and a member of the ruling German party, CDU, Peter Beyer, who on Wednesday said Serbia could not join the EU without recognising Kosovo’s independence, Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said that the statement was a personal opinion of a Bundestag member and did not represent Germany’s official policy.

“He is entitled to his opinion and is free to express it. We can discuss his opinion, as we did so in an open manner yesterday, and we disagree with it. I presented to Mr Beyer the official position of the Serbian government which favours negotiations about reaching a compromise solution”, Brnabic said in the Serbian parliament in response to a question from opposition MP Djordje Vukadinovic.

She reminded that Germany’s position (regarding Kosovo) was nothing new, but that it was up to Serbia to try to change that position.

“Germany’s stance has not changed and we are not surprised,” the prime minister said, pointing out, on the other hand, the US position has thanks to the efforts of the Serbian state officials.

“If we did not do our job well, the US stance would not change to such a degree. And, just to remind, in the beginning, they did not want to talk about anything except Serbia recognizing Kosovo’s independence,” Ana Brnabic reminded.

(Politika, 25.10.2018)




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