An exhibition of war photographs – ‘Greetings from Ukraine’ – opened in Belgrade

On the occasion of 150 days since the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine, an exhibition of war photographs titled ‘Greetings from Ukraine’, staged by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine, was opened yesterday in Belgrade.

The exhibited photographs bear witness to the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent devastation. The exhibition was officially opened by Ukraine’s ambassador to Serbia, Volodymyr Tolkach, who thanked the diplomats present and “all those who protect the Ukrainian people and instil confidence in victory”.

The ambassador’s speech was interrupted by a group of people gathered in front of the exhibition space who waved Russian flags and carried photos taken during the bombing of Serbia while singing patriotic songs.

“We are not just defending Ukraine. The Russian leadership does not even try to hide that it considers Ukraine only a step towards its next advance in the direction of the West. Gas and oil are just some of the weapons that Russia uses against European countries,” the ambassador said at the opening of the exhibition at Endžio Hab in Dobračina Street.

(Danas, 25.07.2022)

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