An electronic public procurement web portal to be launched on 1 July 2020

A new public procurement web portal will be launched in Serbia on 1st July, 2020, which will allow public procurement procedures to be conducted electronically. The Ministry of Finance says that this will ensure greater transparency in the procedures.

Bids are also expected to be opened electronically, which will help to increase companies’ trust in the system and, as a result, boost competition during the procurement process itself.

The law stipulates new amounts, i.e. financial thresholds up to which the law does not apply or starts to apply. The novelty is also a new type of procurement procedure: an innovative partnership that contracting authorities can form if they need innovative goods, services or works that cannot be obtained through regular contracts or deals.

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The Innovation Partnership contributes to the development of innovative goods, services or works and their subsequent procurement, provided that they are acquired in accordance with the required degree of design and within the cost limits agreed between the contracting authority and the participants in the partnership.

The proposed law provides for shorter deadlines for certain public procurement procedures in the healthcare, social and culture segments. New criteria for the award of contracts have been introduced so as to provide for public contracts to be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender, which is determined on the basis of price or cost, or price/quality ratio, i.e. the cost/quality ratio.

Public procurement of social and other special services, which includes services in the segment of health and social care, as well as culture, will be carried out under a special and softer regime, thanks to shorter deadlines in the procedure.

The Ministry of Finance adds that new procurement techniques and tools, a qualification system and electronic catalogues are also introduced by the law. In terms of protection of rights in public procurement procedures, the law envisages solutions which will make the protection procedure more efficient. The administrative costs of submitting a request for protection of rights have been reduced, while misdemeanour courts will be in charge of ruling in the case of the breach of the Law on Public Procurement.

(B92, 18.11.2019)

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