An earthquake of magnitude 5 is expected in the coming period in central Serbia

Seismologist Ana Mladenović said that according to geological and seismological research, an earthquake of magnitude 5 on Richter’s scale is expected to happen in the area of Central Serbia soon.

She added that the last earthquake of that magnitude happened in Kraljevo in 2010 and that it is possible that the seismic shocks coming from Turkey and Romania will accelerate that process.

“Seismologists in Turkey have been doing research in the same way as everywhere else in the world, except that they are doing it a little better. They investigated active earthquake fault lines because earthquakes can only occur along these lines and not at any given point in the Earth’s crust, and they defined the geometry and size of those fault lines, as well as the speed of movement along them. The magnitude of the earthquake depends directly on the size of such a fault line,” she said.

According to her, seismologists calculated that an earthquake of that magnitude could occur. “It is completely scientifically based, and I believe they are right when they say they predicted the earthquake,” she pointed out.

Mladenović explained that when an earthquake occurs, the most important thing is not to panic, not to jump out of the window or run down the stairs, but to wait for it to pass.

(Politika, 16.02.2023)


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