AMSS wants to build an autodrome in Zrenjanin

Serbian automobile and motorcycle club, AMSS wants to build an autodrome in Zrenjanin with the help of the state, the AMSS president, Dejan Stojic announced.

While announcing the 2019 Kraljevo City car and motorcycle race award, Stojic also said that the AMSS was considering constructing the autodrome and that they had already discussed it with the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Cedomir Janjic.

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“We want to build the autodrome and will do our best to turn this idea into reality. It is a serious project, so we need state support. We want to put our country on the world racing map,”  Stojic said at a press conference at the AMSS premises in Belgrade.

Since racing competitions will no longer take place at the Batajnica airport, Stojic said that the AMSS had to look for another solution. “The point of building the new autodrome is to elevate the racing sport in Serbia,” he said and added that the AMSS envisaged forming a national racing team.

“We have started to put together a national rally team, but we also want to have teams for other racing sports. We already have successful drivers such as Borkovic, Miljkovic, Vesnic and others. Our carting team has had great successes, with six junior competitors soon taking part in the finals of the European Championship in Le Mans,” Stojic added.

(eKapija, 10.07.2019)



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