Amphenol Automotive Technology opens factory in Trstenik – jobs for 1,000 people

The American company Amphenol Automotive Technology, which produces cables for the car industry, opened a plant in the industrial zone in Trstenik today.

Close to 1,000 people will find jobs at the plant. Amphenol Automotive Technology has been operating in Serbia since August, and it currently employs 130 workers in its existing production facility. The new facility spans 7,000 square metres.  

The opening of the factory was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who told the press that the new investment was important to prevent local population from having to leave Trstenik in search for employment. In the past 20 years, 20% of Trstenik’s population has left the town.

“It’s important for people to be able to find a job. We need to work even harder. I promise that we will continue bringing investors here”, Vucic said at the official opening.

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Amphenol was founded in 1932. Today, it has around 68,000 employees in several countries.

Trstenik Municipality has been struggling with unemployment for years. There are close to 4,400 people registered with the local job office. Many young people have moved out of the town so each new investment here is seen as a chance to revive the whole region.

Local self-government invested 125 million dinars in equipping a new industrial zone. According to the president of the Municipality of Trstenik, Aleksandar Ciric, creation of new jobs is a survival issue for the municipality.  

“It gives us a new lease of life, ensures the survival of thousands of families, and it is a sure sign that we will continue to progress as a municipality and to constantly raise the living standard. Production is finally revived, and as investors tell us, they are planning to expand here and increase their production by 20 percent each year, which entails new jobs too“, Ciric told RTS.

(B92, 13.12.2018)


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