American Exide interested in FAS

The Exide Company is interested in getting involved in negotiations about the purchase of Fabrika Akumulatora Sombor (FAS), SOinfo reports.

The local portal reports that the company’s representative told them that the bankruptcy trustee, Predrag Ljubovic, had been officially notified of it on November 10.

The company’s representative explained that Exide had not been able to initiate the process earlier because the the bankruptcy trustee had clearly indicated that there would be no negotiations with other parties until the interested purchaser’s banking guarantee expired.

– Seeing how the guarantee has expired and that there are no longer any legal obstacles, Exide wants to get involved in the purchase of FAS – a source from this multinational company says.

Exide plans serious investments in overhauling the production facilities of FAS in order to achieve maximum employee safety, as well as necessary ecological interventions in the factory complex. It has also been indicated that this is to be followed by an expansion of production capacities.

The American company is one of the biggest producers of car batteries in the world, and, aside from their main program for all vehicle types, they also produce batteries for ships, machines, industry and even US Navy submarines.

Exide owns brands like Marathon, Tudor, Tensor, Sonnenschein, Absolyte, Powerfit…

The company was founded nearly 130 years ago and currently operates on all continents in over 80 countries. They own transport and production centers in Mississippi, Iowa, Kansas, two in Spain and one each in Germany, Belarus, Poland, Italy and India. The company employs over ten thousand workers, SOinfo reports.

(eKapija, 16.11.2017)

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