American business people visiting Vojvodina

A delegation comprised of representatives of several companies from the United States is staying in Vojvodina, writes the Novi Sad daily, Dnevnik.

The Vojvodinian Secretary for Economy and Tourism, Ivan Djokovic met with the representatives of the insurance company Brotherhood Mutual and Do It Best, the world’s largest retail chain of hardware, lumber, and building materials, as well as representatives of the corporate sector and US entrepreneurs. Do it Best Corp. is the second-largest co-op in the industry with the sales of $3.2 billion in the financial year of 2017.

The meeting was organized in order to inform the delegation members about the investment potentials of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and its investment opportunities, with a special emphasis on start-up companies. The meeting was also attended by Vice President and Finance Director of Do It Best, Douglas J. Roth, who pointed out that there was great interest among US investors for the investment opportunities and setting up representative offices of companies that make up this corporation.

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Brotherhood Mutual is an American insurance company with the headquarters in the state of Indiana, which primarily cooperates with religious, educational and related institutions as well as with the corporate sector, providing insurance services to more than 150,000 clients across the United States.  The chairman of this insurance company, Mark Robinson, who has been at the company’s helm for almost a decade, underlined the importance of exchanging experiences and information that influence the further course of investment negotiations and the business policy of all companies which intend to invest their capital in Vojvodina.

Representatives of the American food, manufacturing and cosmetics companies were particularly interested in beekeeping in Vojvodina, given the growing problem in the United States regarding the evident decrease in the number of bee colonies.

(B92, 28.06.2018)


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