America in Trump’s era: Serbian MPs meet with their US counterparts

Nine members of the Serbian Parliament spent ten days on a study visit to the United States of America to meet with the American congressmen and senators and discuss the bilateral relations between the two countries.

The general conclusion is that the relations between the US and Serbia have a strong foundation and that they are developing in the right director, but nobody can say for sure how interesting is the Balkan area going to be the new US administration.

The stay was funded by the US Congress and realized in cooperation with an exchange programme called the Open World and the US Embassy in Belgrade.

Jasmina Karanac from the SDPS party, one of the MPs that visited America, was able to see how the most powerful institutions in the world actually operated. „Тhe aim of this visit was to see, first hand, how the American political system operates, and get to know their culture, customs and the life of an average American family“, Karanac explains

The MPs came to America immediately after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and they spent three days in Washington D.C., the epicentre of American politics, after splitting into two groups – one travelled to Chicago and another to Columbus, Ohio.

“We met with the three senators from Ohio, Mississippi, and Wisconsin, as well as with the congressmen from Alabama, Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas. Some of them have just moved into their new offices and had cardboard boxes lying around. Also, most of them have confirmed that America is currently in the state of confusion, that things have been changing minute-on-minute, and noted that, for instance, if we compared the news when we started to the meeting to the news when we finished it, there would be drastic difference. When I asked one of them whether there was any possibility of the US reverting its decision to recognize Kosovo’s independence, he said that he did not believe so, but then again one tweet from Trump could change everything”, Karanac explains.

When she asked the US politicians whether the country would invest more, they said that the region had to be stable, the corruption issue resolved, the infrastructure good and the market should be free first, and then investments would eventually come. “America will invest wherever it suits its interests”, Karanac quotes one of the congressmen.

(Blic, 12.02.2017)

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