Amber Alert system to be launched in Serbia soon

After meeting the representatives of the Interior Ministry and the Justice Ministry in Belgrade yesterday, the founder of the Tijana Juric Foundation, Igor Juric, told Tanjug news agency that the Amber Alert system has already been introduced in the country.

The implementation of this system was initiated by the Foundation itself and sends out a nationwide warning when a child disappears. Juric said he would have another meeting at the Justice Ministry next week to discuss details regarding the amendments to the relevant law or passing a special law regulating this subject (lex specialis).

“After the meeting, the Foundation will organize two public hearings and try to bring together all the stakeholders in the system – from public broadcasters and mobile telephony operators to oil companies, that operate gas stations and chain stores,” said Juric.

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The use of the Amber Alert system implies that when a child disappears, the media will interrupt national TV broadcasts, displaying photos of the child, giving information about where he or she was last seen, what he or she was wearing. Mobile telephony operators will send out SMS and MMS with this information, and petrol stations and chain stores will display this information on their LED screens followed wherever possible.

“The system has been implemented in many European countries, where it has proven effective in more than 90% of child abduction cases,” Igor Juric says.

Amber Alert was activated 175 times last year in the United States, and in 173 cases, the child was found and returned home alive and well.

The alert was named after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas, in 1996.

(, 04.03.2020)




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