Amazon picks Croatia to cooperate instead of Serbia

Amazon has not yet arrived in Croatia, but the partnership of the American giant with the Croatian postal service should speed up and reduce the delivery time of products ordered on Amazon.

After much speculation, the Croatian media have received official confirmation from Amazon that the Croatian Post Office and the largest online retailer in the world have concluded a partnership agreement.

“Croatian customers can now buy in European Amazon stores and we will deliver their orders cooperation with the Croatian Post Office. We continue to focus on what our customers appreciate the most: low prices, wide choice and fast and secure delivery”, Amazon’s Croatian web portal, Zimo, confirms.

Online shops in Serbia believe that, in the next period, Serbia will start cooperating with Amazon (in addition to Alibaba) in a similar fashion and some other big regional online retailers, but they point out that it is still not known when exactly this could happen.

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The cooperation between Amazon and the Croatian postal service means that, in the future, orders will be delivered to Croatian customers by postal service instead of various delivery services. Amazon did not want to reveal whether it intends to “open” a local store (, but this partnership could mean slightly cheaper shipping costs for all Croatian and regional Amazon customers.

As experts in this field have explained, Amazon has not yet arrived in Croatia because it hasn’t opened its own logistics centre or warehouse in the country, but for some time now, shoppers from neighbouring countries have been able to buy through this online store. Only the logistics and shipment methods have been changed or improved.

Until now, people in Croatia used to receive their orders from Amazon directly from a warehouse in Germany, while now the orders will arrive at a large logistics centre in Velika Gorica, from where postal service will deliver them to customers.

Such a partnership means that the centre in Velika Gorica will become the distribution point for Amazon products in the region. This is a classic case of optimization, because it is definitely easier and cheaper for Amazon to direct all products to one place and from there to distribute them.

(Blic, 29.11.2020)




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