Alternative life film festival, outdoor cinema and Vivaldi in Belgrade and Novi Sad

It’s Thursday, and time for our report about the cultural and entertainment events coming up in the next few days.


Event: Plan B – Subversive Film Festival

Place: Dom Omladine, 22, Makedonska Street

Time: Friday, 15th June to Sunday, 17th June

At a time when value systems depend on money, power and interests that individuals, groups or entire countries change according to their current goals, the number of oppressed, humiliated and rejected individuals is on the rise. Rejected by the society, government, colleagues, friends and even loved ones, these modern-day Don Quixotes are trying to maintain a minimum of dignity and fight for their basic rights. Six very special films, that are going to be showcased at the subversive film festival called PLAN B, depict exactly this. For more information about the Festival’s programme, please click here.

Event:  Zvezda Open-air Cinema Summer Season

Place: 40, Terazije

Time: open until 18th June

Zvezda was one of the first cinemas in Belgrade, however with the economic crisis in the 1990s and privatizations after the 2000s, the cinema was sold to a private enterprise and left abandoned and neglected. However, last year, a group of enthusiasts decided to squat in the old dilapidated and seemingly long forgotten cinema and now, a year later, they are screening movies and holding debates on the rooftop. Admission is dirt cheap so you just need to look for the programme. Watching legendary old and new films in a hidden roof top location cossetted away amongt the Belgrade lofts is an extraordinary experience.


Event: Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” at Early Music Festival

Place: The Synagogue

Time: 15th June at 8pm

The New Trinity Baroque orchestra (comprised of the American and Serbian classical musicians) is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a concert at Novi Sad’s Synagogue at which they will honour Vivaldi and his iconic „Four Seasons“. The orchestra, which also features soloists Florian Deuter and Mónica Waisman, on baroque violin, and Laurent O’Neil, on baroque cello, will perform the following compositions:

  1. Vivaldi: Concerts for violin – Four Seasons
  2. Corelli: Concerto Grosso / Concerto Grosso in D Major
  3. B. Platti: Cello Concerto in D Major
  4. Vivaldi: Concerts for strings

The tickets, priced at 500 dinars, can be purchased at Muzicka Omladina at 2, Katolicka Porta.


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