Alternative film / video festival at DKSG

The Alternative Film / Video Festival will be held from 12th to 16th December at DSKG (the Studentski Grad culture centre) in Belgrade.

The theme of this year’s festival is COLLECTIVism, with over 70 alternative films and video works from more than 30 countries – innovative, experimental, research, avant-garde, personal, political – to be screened. Almost fifty guests, including some of the most important names of the experimental film today, had confirmed their participation the festival.

The Dopplenger artistic duo (Bosko Prostran and Isidora Ilic) is responsible for the thematic concept and selection of films for the international competition programme, and Greg De Cuir has selected films that will be screened during the South-Southeast programme segment.

The British film director Scott Barley, Gerald Weber, curator from Austria, and Gordana Nikolic, curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina are the jury members.

There will also be two multimedia exhibitions during the festival, a virtual movie workshop and an important educational segment. Plus, an Alternative Film / Video forum and the two round table discussions will take place where film authors, theorists, historians, archivists and curators will talk and debate about the topic like film collectives, cinema clubs, collective authorship and collectivism as an artistic theme.

(Danas, 11.12.2018)





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