Almost 60% of students want to work as civil servants

Almost 60% of students in Serbia believe that it is the state’s role to provide employment for everyone who wants to work.

This is one of the results of the research conducted by the Libertarian Club (LIBEK), which also shows that students are dissatisfied with the current situation in the country, and yet, at the same time, uninterested and distanced from political and economic processes.

The research, which deals with the understanding of the attractiveness of economic populism among students, was conducted in five university cities in Serbia, at eight universities and 36 faculties and showed that as many as 60% of students in Serbia believe that the solution for unemployment lies in subsidies, or in the opening of new state-owned companies.

The questionnaire included students’ views on basic economic issues such as (un)employment, poverty, subsidies, customs, privatization and imports / exports.

Almost 82% of the respondents are not happy with the development of democracy in Serbia, but paradoxically, a significant percentage of students tend to believe in economic myths, such as the state should set up companies.   

“It is interesting to note that young people who, by their generational nature tend to support urbanization, see agriculture as the way out of the economic crisis,” the researchers say and add that there is practically no country in the world today that builds its economic success exclusively on agriculture.

The figures show that 43.2% of young people in higher education believe that the state can equally manage state-owned as well as private businesses, and more than a third feel that subsidies are necessary to attract foreign investments.

Political topics, according to the research data, seem not to be something that young people are focusing on, as almost 60% of the respondents state that they do not follow political events, and only one third of the respondents claim that they either initiate or get involved in political debates.

(, 05.02.2018)



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