Almost 40,000 young people graduated from Serbian universities in 2021

In 2021, in Serbia, a total of 39,956 students graduated from various higher education institutions and at all levels of study, according to data from the State Statistical Office (RZS). Of the total number of graduates, 15,508 (38.8%) are men and 24,448 (61.2%) are women.

A total of 31,519 students graduated from state and private universities in total, of which 24,736 (78.5%) were from state faculties and 6,783 (21.5%) from private faculties. The largest number of graduates came from the University of Belgrade, 11,545, and the University of Novi Sad, 6,603.

In terms of higher education institutions, Singidunum University leads with 1,559 graduates, then Nikola Tesla University with 1,270 and the Academy of Economics, with 1,022 students.

8,437 students graduated from state and private two-year colleges, of which 7,102 (84.2%) graduated from state colleges and 1,335 (15.8%) from private ones.

In regard to tuition fees, out of the total number of graduates, 37.2 per cent were financed from the state budget for the entire duration of their studies, 46.2 per cent were self-financed, while 16.6 per cent changed status during their studies, i.e. they studied at the expense of the state and later at their own expense.

The data on graduating students are the result of the annual periodic survey called ‘Statistical Report for Students Who Completed Their Studies at Higher Education Institutions’. The survey involved all higher education institutions in Serbia. The data refer to all graduates in academic and vocational studies and in all levels of academic studies.

(Biznis i Finansije, 04.10.2022)

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