Alliance for Serbia: Where did 314 million dinars for rainwater drainage in Belgrade disappear?

The head of the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) caucus in the Belgrade Assembly, Nikola Jovanovic, said today that SzS is demanding the urgent resignation of Mayor Zoran Radojicic and his deputy, Goran Vesic, due to “a collapse in Belgrade because of heavy rain”.

“Radojicic and Vesic did not order the Emergency Situation Headquarters to convene a meeting, nor did they undertake any extraordinary measures mitigating the collapse that engulfed the capital city,” said Jovanovic, who also the vice-president of the People’s Party, in a written statement.

Jovanovic pointed out that Radojicic, when Zemun, Novi Beograd, Palilula and many other parts of the city were literally flooded, only gave one statement and that was that “Belgrade citizens should close windows”.

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“We ask Radojicic and Vesic – on what did you spend 314 million dinars that were allocated for maintenance of the rainwater drainage system in 2018? How is it possible the system does not and that it has not been made functional during a major, week-long rain in the capital? Is it possible that the only measure that the government has is to ‘advise’ citizens is to close their windows,” Jovanovic asked.

Jovanovic recalled that Vesic said on Thursday that “such rainfall is seen once in 100 years and that the city functions well in such conditions.”

“It is embarrassing to say that in the situation where the entire neighbourhoods have been flooded and faeces are floating in the roads (caused by flooding) is a sign that the city is functioning well. After the heavy snowfall in January, which surprised the city authorities and when citizens had to push buses stuck in snow with their own hands, it is clear that, unfortunately, the lesson has not been learned, hence Radojicic and Vesic should no longer hold the highest functions in the city, “Jovanovic pointed out.

(, Beta, 24.06.2019)


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