Alliance for Serbia: Protests scheduled for April 13 in Belgrade to be the biggest ever

The president of the Alliance for Serbia and the leader of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic said today that the April 13th opposition rally in Belgrade would be „а crowning achievement“ of the four-month-long protests and added that „entire Serbia will come to Belgrade to protest, including the Serbian opposition parties from Kosovo.“

“This rally will be, like all the previous ones, will a peaceful, non-violent gathering, but we remain firm in our demands, such as fair elections and free media,” Obradovic told a press conference after the Alliance’s meeting with representatives of the Serbian opposition from Kosovo.

Even before the police banned the gathering organized by the owner of Pink TV, Željko Mitrović, Obradović wanted Mitrovic’s protest to be banned because it was scheduled for the same day and in the same place as the opposition’s rally which just “calls for incidents”.

Representatives of the Serbian opposition from Kosovo have confirmed that they would come to the Saturday protest in Belgrade – the president of the People’s Justice Organization, Nenad Radovanovic said.

A month ago, the protesters and the opposition leaders set a 30-day deadline to Vucic, who they described as an autocrat, and the Government to step down or face a massive rally in Belgrade on April 13th.

On the other hand, Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic announced a huge number of people gathering at his rally called “The Future of Serbia”, scheduled for April 19th.  He was also quoted as saying that “the rally will be the largest civil gathering in the last 40 to 50 years”, adding that the #1in5 Million protests never succeeded in gathering more than 6,500 people at any given time.

(Beta /, Seebiz, 10.04.2019)


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