Alliance for Serbia founded

Following the signing of an agreement, the political movement Alliance for Serbia was formed in Belgrade by 30 political parties and organizations.

At the gathering in the Sava Center, all 10 of the Alliance’s founders gave speech – Dragan Djilas, a representative of Dveri Bosko Obradovic, head of People’s Party (Narodna Partija) Vuk Jeremic, Zoran Lutovac from the Democratic Party, Borko Stefanovic from Levica Srbije, Milan Stamatovic from Zdrava Srbija, Nebojsa Zelenovic from Zajedno za Srbiju, Janko Veselinovic from Pokret za Preokret, Zeljko Veselinovic from the Union of Serbian Trade Unions “Sloga” and Slavisa Ristic from the movement of Serbs from Kosovo called “Otadzbina”.

Other politicians and public figures present were Dusan Ivkovic, lawyer Borivoje Borovic, former president Bojan Pajtic, historian Cedomir Antic, while the writer Ljubivoje Rusumovic and Jelena Beba Balasevic addressed the audience.

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Dragan Djilas, who initiated the formation of the Alliance, said that the Alliance intended to build up Serbia to become a prosperous country, but that they themselves were not enough while the President of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac, said that the ideological differences between the parties in the Alliance were not important.

– Our differences are irrelevant. We are not a sum of bad ratings, but we are encouraged to fight together for the common good – Lutovac noted.

President of the People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic, said that the Balkans were once again coming to the forefront of the world’s scene, that changing of the borders were once again on the menu, and that the former foreign minister of Cyprus recently asked him whether it was true that Serbia was the first country in the world willing to re-arrange the border willingly and in peace.

Jeremic said that, because of Kosovo, the government in Serbia has the support of the international community and it that it would not be easy to cut that “power line”. Bosko Obradovic from the Dveri Movement said that the Alliance had three important goals – a 30-point programme platform, forming a transitional government that would last a year, and creating a new political culture where the stakeholders could talk normally, regardless of their differences.

Borko Stefanovic reminded that a coalition “Zajedno” was created on this day in 1990 and that, regardless of the fact that some people were against it, the coalition prevented a lot of misappropriations in Serbia.

(Vesti Online, 02.09.2018)

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