All schools in Serbia will soon be equipped with robots and drones

Next year, all schools in Serbia will be equipped with small robots and a number of drones, available to students who should use them to program, acquire new knowledge and learn through play, said the Minister of Education, Mladen Sarcevic, in “Kurir”.

This is one of the processes of digitization, says Sarcevic, but it is also part of the computer programme.

“Already 25% of schools have these robots that serve to give children computer skills through new subjects, such as programming. Pupils will programme a robot-car, the so-called M-bot, that moves along a certain line,” said the Minister.

The British Council has been the Ministry’s partner in all of this. “More than 4 million pounds already donated will be distributed across six Serbian school boards,” said Sarcevic.

The Minister also pointed out that, in February, there will be a second allocation of equipment, after which about 70% of the education system will be equipped with these robots, with the hope that, by the beginning of next school year, all schools in Serbia will be fully equipped.

Sarcevic adds that drones are used in schools in some European countries and that “there will be an initiative to finance this from the budget for the school equipment”, while the Ministry will also look for donors. According to Sarcevic, this will apply to primary schools and high schools since some high schools have already developed similar models.

“We are trying to catch up to developed nations and we must all be involved. The kids are good, they are more mature than before and that’s why we created a team with the aim of introducing “Computer Science” as a mandatory subject for students from the first to the fourth grade,” concludes Sarcevic.

(, 09.09.2019)


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