All companies in Serbia now have a designated eSanduče and eUprava account

The email addresses, that companies used to register their business with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA), are now linked with the eGovernment (eUprava) website and notifications about the reception of documents in their eInbox (eSanduče) will be sent through them, said the government’s IT and eGovernment Office.

On January 12, 2024, companies which had not registered on their own as users of the services of electronic government (eGovernment), the IT and eGovernment Office created the Unique Electronic Inbox (eSanduče) on the eGovernment (eUprava) website for the purpose of the electronic communication with the public administration (personal mail and notifications).

Article 21 of the Company Law prescribes that a company is obliged to register as a user of eGovernment services in line with the law which regulates eGovernment and for electronic documents to be forwarded to the company’s Unique Electronic Inbox at the eGovernment website, unless proscribed otherwise by a special law.

In line with Article 15 of the Law on Electronic Government, the IT and eGovernment Office has created a Unique Electronic Inbox (eInbox) for each company which has a registered email address with the SBRA, and which has so far not registered as a user of electronic government services. The users of eGovernment services receive notifications about the reception of electronic documents in the eInbox at the companies’ email addresses and the email addresses of legal/other representatives, following which the document can be downloaded at any time. The confirmation of reception, which contains data on the delivery status, is also available in the eInbox.

The precondition for creating an eInbox is for the company to have a registered email address with the SBRA. The company’s legal/other representative has to register at the eGovernment website, at, through a qualified electronic certificate or the mobile app ConsentID.

(eKapija, 21.02.2024)

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