Alibaba planning on opening logistics centre in Serbia

The biggest Chinese online vendor, Alibaba is very seriously contemplating opening a logistics and distribution centre in Serbia. If this happens, it would take only 17 hours, rather than 17 days, for the goods ordered on the site to be delivered anywhere in Serbia.

Alibaba is also interested in developing an e-commerce and e-tourism platform here too, the Blic daily finds out.

Alibaba’s representatives have visited the Regional Post Office Logistics Centre, run by the Serbian Post Office, where they expressed their interest in opening of the logistics centre and developing the e-commerce platform.

The negotiations about this venture will continue in December. Alibaba is the biggest global online seller with over 800 million products and 400 million users. The company ships close to 200 million packages, worth around 10 billion dollars, every single day.

Alibaba already has an EU logistics centre in Frankfurt, Germany, but, regardless, they are keen to open one in Belgrade too.

This would have substantial economic benefits for our country considering that the Regional Post Office Distribution Centre in Belgrade distributes over 1.5 million packages in Serbia annually, with one third of them coming from China.

“The cooperation with Alibaba would significantly reduce the delivery time for the goods purchased on this website to 17 hours. Currently, the average delivery time is 17 days”, says Tatjana Matic, the state secretary in the Serbian Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications.

“The main advantage of Serbia, over other regional countries, is that we already have a logistics and distribution centre that has been built in line with the latest standards, and in which we invested 40 million euros”, Matic adds.

She also says that our country needs to continue working on improving both the road and railway infrastructure since the Chinese were especially interested in the Belgrade-Budapest railroad, as well as in incentives that our government grants to foreign investors.

(Blic, 28.09.2017)


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