Aleksic: “The showdown with Vucic’s regime will take place in 2022”

The vice president of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka(, Miroslav Aleksić, said today that 2022 will be the year of “reckoning with Aleksandar Vučić’s regime”, and that Serbian citizens “are waking up and realising that the government has been deceiving them for almost ten years”.

“People no longer want to be silent and want to fight. Serbian citizens have seen that the Serbian Progressive Party has occupied the country and that things are getting progressively worse while the government is getting wealthier,” Aleksić said in Bujanovac, where the assembly of the City Council of the People’s Party was held. Aleksić believes that “everything can change” in Serbia and that the first step is to “clean up the state”.

“We will do this through a complete lustration, i.e. purging through public administration and sanctioning all those responsible. Anyone who has broken the law and stole from Serbia will be held accountable. This will be the basis for building a new state in which every citizen will have the same rights and no-one will be above the system’s institutions,” Aleksić added.

He went on to say that the People’s Party is preparing for the elections on the assumption that an agreement on electoral votes will be reached and that the party will increase its following throughout Serbia.

“The People’s Party has 110 local branches in Serbia and new people are approaching us on a daily basis. We will show how agriculture, education and health care can be managed in Serbia and we will dialogue with the international community, as well as stimulate the national economy,” Aleksić said.

In Grdelica, Aleksić met with representatives of the Roma community, who told him that they had been “blackmailed” into voting for the SNS party.

“They were told that they would only receive welfare assistance if they voted for SNS, and they were even given pens of a certain colour to circle the SNS candidates on the ballot papers. The SNS party will no longer receive votes by bribing people with flour, cooking oil and employment contracts,” Aleksić concluded.

(Nova, 09.05.2021)

Photo credits: “Ivan Dinić/Nova S”

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