Aleksic: “I have submitted new evidence to the court about the link between Andrej Vucic and the Jovanjica case”

The Vice-President of the People’s Party (Narodna Partija), Miroslav Aleksic, said that he had presented evidence the link between Andrej Vucic, the brother of the Serbian president, as well as the people close to him, and Predrag Koluvija, the (imprisoned) owner of the Jovanjica farm, on whose property a large quantity of marijuana was found.

According to a statement by the People’s Party, after a preliminary hearing before the court in Belgrade, Aleksic showed photographs that would prove the link between Koluvija and the President’s brother.

“The photos show Andrej Vucic, together with the mayor of Stara Pazova, Djordje Radinovic as well as Nedeljko Kovacevic, director of the Vojvodina Construction Administration and the mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic. The Jovanjica farm is located near Stara Pazova and the municipality has provided infrastructure support to Koluvija,” Aleksic claims.

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Aleksic also showed a photo of Kovacevic with Koluvija and SNS party official Zoran Babic during a visit to Jovanjica, as well as a joint photo of Vojvodina Deputy Prime Minister Damir Zobenica and Andrej Vucic taken in Zrenjanin.

“Zobenica is one of the trusted persons of the Vucic family in Vojvodina. Zobenica and Andrej Vucic tour Vojvodina together and control all the deals. Vucic, Koluvija and all the other people of the clan keep showing up in the same places. An important piece in the entire story is the Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic since the Ministry he heads had issued the license for the production of industrial hemp to the Jovanjica farm,” said Aleksic.

Aleksic also showed a photo of Vucevic, Nedimovic, Zobenica and Andrej Vucic together.

“Vucic’s lawsuit against me is an attempt at intimidation, but he won’t succeed. Nor will I be intimidated by the fact that the Anti-Corruption Agency has just launched an investigation into my assets. I encourage them to investigate all my assets in detail, but I will also like the Agency to determine the origin of the assets of the people who have ravaged and looted the state for eight years,” said Aleksic.

Aleksic said that four months after the discovery of the Jovanjica case, a collective hysteria was created with the aim of “disassociating the Vucic brothers from the case in every possible way”, as evidenced by the false accusation of Milos Vucevic against Vucic and the statements of Inspector Slobodan Milenkovic, who told the media that Vucic were not affiliated with Jovanjica.

“There is no doubt that the state is involved in the project to grow marijuana on the largest plantation in Europe, which was recognized by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic himself when he pointed the finger at the police, the army and the BIA,” Aleksic concluded.

(Danas, 12.03.2020)

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