Aleksandar Vucic’s son infected with the coronavirus

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s eldest son has tested positive for coronavirus, Vucic wrote on his Instagram profile on Wednesday.

“When that started, my (22-year-old) son Danilo told me that it is not an option to give in. My eldest has got infected with coronavirus, his clinical picture is such that he was admitted to an infectious disease hospital. Son, you will defeat it, too,” the president wrote.

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Danilo Vucic is the Serbian president’s son from his first marriage. Vucic also has a daughter and another son.

The news was picked up by all major media outlets including Voice of America, the Russian news agency TASS, Italy’s ANSA, Radio Free Europe and Sputnik.

According to the latest reports, Serbia has 2,447 coronavirus cases and 61 deaths so far. Earlier, the country asked Russia’s assistance to help fight the coronavirus spread.

(RTV, 08.04.2020)

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