Aleksandar Vučić sets the date for Belgrade election

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that the elections for the Belgrade City Assembly will be held on June 2.

Speaking at a news conference at the Presidency building, Vučić said that Parliament’s constitutive session will be postponed for a week. The session was scheduled for Monday. Speaking after last week’s meeting of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leadership, Vučić said that outgoing Prime Minister Ana Brnabic would take over as Parliament Speaker.

Vučić said that Ana Brnabić, the future speaker of the Serbian National Assembly, will call the Belgrade elections on April 2 or 3. He added  that under the law the vote can be organized after an election campaign of no less than 45 and no more than 60 days which means between April 28 and June 2. According to him, “it’s important to have elections which will let us say: yes, that is the result”.

“Let’s try to go to parliament with a new government before April 1 so we can work hard,” Vučić said.

Speaking about reports of voters from other places in Serbia being registered as residents in Belgrade allowing them to vote for the Serbian capital’s City Assembly, Vučić called the Interior Ministry to “interpret the law on changing residence very restrictively… especially in cases of getting residency in Belgrade before the voter rolls for the Belgrade elections are finalized”.

He said that he met earlier on Sunday evening with the people he said would be the majority in parliament adding that he accepted the fact that the Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia Can’t Stop electoral ticket has the majority and would nominate a prime minister in the next few days.

Since the deadline for the constitution of the Assembly of Belgrade expired on March 3, the President of the National Assembly must call for new elections for the city assembly within a month from the day when the assembly was supposed to be constituted, so, any day between March 4 and April 3. Therefore, the deadline for holding the Belgrade elections is neither May 5 nor May 12, but June 2.

(Blic, 10.03.2024)čić-o-lokalnim-izborima-beogradski-izbori-bice-odrzani-2-juna/dbqzk5v



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