Aleksandar Vučić is SNS’ candidate for Serbian president in the upcoming election

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has decided to nominate as their presidential candidate at the upcoming Eelection, Ana Brnabic said on Sunday, following the session of the SNS Presidency.

„We did not hesitate with this decision. We think that the deeds decide the candidate, and judging by that we have no doubt who is the best candidate. Elections will not be easy. They are not a child’s play, they are a serious matter, especially in these difficult and complex times. Although the elections will not be easy, our goal is to make history and win the most convincing victory so far, in the first round, without underestimating any candidate or political option,” said Brnabic.

She also said that the presidential campaign will start on Monday with a rally in Leskovac.

The presidential elections are scheduled for April 3, 90 days before the end of the term of the President of the Republic of Serbia.

The deadline for nominations is midnight on March 12.

(N1, 06.03.2022)



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