Aleksandar Vučić at the UN: ‘The sovereignty of Ukraine and Serbia are equally violated’

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in yesterday’s address to the UN General Assembly session spoke in front of the world statesmen gathered in New York about the double standards that apply to Ukraine and Serbia, because “just as Russia violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine, so the Western powers attacked Serbia, which did not attack anyone, violated its territorial integrity and then despite the UN resolution, recognised Kosovo”, said the Serbian President.

While Aleksandar Vučić was lobbying in the corridors of the UN building in New York for the withdrawal of the recognition of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of Kosovo, had a guest appearance on CNN and accused Serbia of being a Russian player in the Balkans. As someone who ‘knows’ Vladimir Putin well, Vučić assessed that the Russian president ‘is not bluffing when he says that Russia will use all means, including nuclear power, to defend what he, Putin, believes he is defending’.

The priority topics of the Assembly session included – the preservation of the UN Charter and the rule of law; support for the development and human rights; support for access to higher education; strengthening global health care; and climate change.

However, all other topics were overshadowed by the global consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine, especially when Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation of his army in the middle of the session, saying he would send 300,000 more soldiers to the Ukrainian front.

Serbian-Kosovo issues, the agenda with which President Vučić travelled to New York, were of little interest to the majority of UN Assembly members.

Vučić began his speech in a critical manner: ‘I am here for the umpteenth time. The seriousness of the moment in which we find ourselves obliges me to share with you harsh but true words. Everything we are doing today seems impotent and pale. The reality is that no one really listens to anyone here, no one makes an effort to make real agreements and solve problems, and almost everyone is only concerned with satisfying their own interests, often trampling the basic principles of international law in the process, throwing away the UN Charter and other documents on which this organisation is based’.

The President of Serbia divided his analysis of global events into several points: the return to peace and the preservation of global stability; preserving the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the internationally recognized UN member states, as a key principle of international public law and relations between states; energy security in conditions of the global crisis; the financial security of poor and developing countries; and food supply in the face of global supply lines cut off by war.

The centrepiece of Vučić’s speech was the topic of the world’s most powerful countries joining together bit by bit to attack Serbia, which has never attacked anyone, and all this to steal a part of its territory: Kosovo. Vučić accused the countries that so strongly oppose the violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and demanded that the UN Charter be respected in the case of Ukraine, that they do the same in the case of Serbia as well, and stop ignoring UN Resolution 1244, which defines Kosovo as an integral part of Serbia.

Vučić also quoted Martin Luther King and his words: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’. “Long live Serbia!” concluded the Serbian President in his address to the United Nations in New York.

(Vreme, 22.09.2022)

Photo credits: AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

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