Aleksandar Vucic and Nebojsa Stefanovic clash inside the party

The Party for Freedom and Justice (Stranka slobode i pravde – SSP) claims  that there is a conflict within the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) between President Aleksandar Vucic and Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, both high-ranking party officials

“Yesterday, Nebojsa Stefanovic said for O2 TV station that his father had nothing to do with the GIM Company which directly contradicts Aleksandar Vucic’s words who publicly said that Nebojsa’s father, Branko Stefanovic, was a GIM employee. Considering the recent statements by Aleksandar Vucic, as well as those of Vojislav Seselj, the Interior Minister realized that the President of the State and the party itself are washing their hands off him and that he has nobody to defend him except for himself,” says the SSP.

The SSP added that “it’s a fact that Stefanovic and Andrej Vucic (Aleksandar Vucic’s brother) have not been getting along for a long time, each wanting to dominate the Belgrade branch of the SNS of which Stefanovic is currently the president”.

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“At the Interior Ministry, Stefanovic had been putting up with Dijana Hrkalovic, who was actually running the Ministry. He did manage to remove her from her position after a visit to Washington and when the evidence of her association with a Montenegrin mafia clan surfaced. But the reckoning continued and Aleksandar Vucic took advantage of Stefanovic and his father’s involvement in the Krusik affair related to purchasing arms at below-market prices to increase pressure on his close associate. He is now doing the same with the GIM Company just like, back in the day, he took Slobodan Tesic’s businesses from his former close ally, Tomislav Nikolic. In the coming days, we will see further development of internal fights within the party and of course, it’s the Serbian citizens who are going to pay the ultimate price,” concluded the SSP in a press release.

(N1, 14.11.2019)


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