Aleksandar Šapić to remain Belgrade mayor despite vote of no confidence

The members of the Belgrade City Assembly voted in favour of Aleksandar Šapić remaining the Belgrade Mayor.

Only 45 out of 110 councillors took part in the secret ballot, with 44 councillors voting for Šapić resigning, while one assembly member was against it. However, in order for the vote to be volid, according to the relevant rules, at least 56 councillors should vote. Šapić’s seat is now safe for the next six months.

The initiative for the removal of the mayor was submitted by the Ujedinjeni Group, Moramo-Zajedno Coalition, the Democratic Party and the People’s Party in mid-November.

They accused Šapić of having committed a number of criminal acts and of abusing his official position because of carrying out extension works on his villa in the Bežanijska Kosa quarter without first obtaining the required building permits. They also claim that Šapić did not stop the works even after the building inspection ordered him to do so.

On the other hand, councillors from the ruling party (SNS) point out that not a single criminal complaint against Šapić for illegal construction works has been filed because the Public Prosecutor’s Office previously rejected it as unfounded, reports Tanjug news agency.

(Politika, 30.11.2022)

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