Aleksandar Sapic is SNS’ candidate for Belgrade mayor

The leadership of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has reportedly decided that the SNS vice-president and current mayor of the Novi Beograd municipality, Aleksandar Šapić, will be their candidate for the mayor of Belgrade at the upcoming election.

Šapić, who has repeatedly vocalized his ambition to become mayor of Belgrade on several occasions, officially joined the SNS party in May last year, after leaving his previous political organization, the Serbian Patriotic Union (SPAS). The decision on Šapić as a candidate is not surprising, as the ruling party’s team that will run in the Belgrade election will look significantly different than it does today.

Among the key changes is the fact that the capital’s current deputy mayor Goran Vesić will not be in Šapić’s team, as Šapić himself had revealed after joining the party. “If in the next elections I earn trust to be appointed to such an important position in the country, I will try to choose my closest collaborators with whom I will take responsibility for what I will do, and I do not see Goran Vesić among them,” he said.

Vesić had immediately responded in kind: “I expect Šapić to learn good manners, that our party is one big family and that there is only one team, Aleksandar Vučić’s team. In that team, all members and all officials work closely together and pursue Aleksandar Vučić’s policy.”

Although the party leadership has decided that Vesić will not be on the SNS election list in Belgrade, this would not mean that Vesić will not be a candidate for an MP in parliamentary elections.

(, 25.01.2022)

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