Albin Kurti: “There has to be at least one Serb in the new Kosovo government, but we don’t want members of the Serbian List.”

Albin Kurti, the leader of the Vetëvendosje! Movement which won the biggest number votes at the parliamentary elections in Kosovo on Sunday, said that if he became “Prime Minister he will immediately begin talks with the Serbs of Kosovo for the formation of the new government.

When asked if he would form a government with the Serbian List, he said he would include in the coalition Serbian political parties other than the Serbian List, labelling the List, which enjoys the support of the official Belgrade, as synonymous with the (Serbian) State.

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“Our Constitution states that there must be at least one minister from the Serbian community in our government, but it does not say that they must be from the Serbian List. So, we will focus our priorities on the national minorities, as communities, not as foreigners,” Kurti said.

Speaking of the dialogue with Serbia, he stressed that immediately after the formation of the government, talks should be initiated by Brussels, that is, by the new High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security.

“We need a dialogue on dialogue. A new failure would be fatal. We will also examine those 33 offers we had from 2011 to 2017, what has been achieved and what has not, and how did they impact the lives of people in Kosovo. We will start a dialogue with Serbia that must be built on good principles,” Kurti added.

Kurti also said that the 100% tax on Serbian goods was not his party’s policy, but that he supported full reciprocity in all areas, adding that reciprocity was a fair principle of good neighbourly relations.

Consultations on the formation of a new government have already begun in Kosovo, with the Serbian media claiming that the US side wants to see Hashim Thaci as the head of the Kosovo government in order for him to complete the border demarcation process.

(Nedeljnik, 08.10.2019)




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