Al Dahra refutes claims that cows on their farms are malnourished and neglected

Following damaging media reports about the horrible state of livestock on Al Dahra’s farms, the company issued a statement saying the following:

“It is completely normal that there are a certain number of sick cattle and deaths out of a total of 17,000 animals,” the company said in response to media reports about cows on Al Dahra’s farms being milked four times a day, that they are dying of exhaustion, that livestock production will be shut down and that the company operates with a loss.

The company outlines that “what happens on Al Dahra farms, happens on all farms in the world.”

When asked how many cow farms has Al Dahra shut down since taking over PKB, the company said that “milk production is like any other type of production” and added:

“At the time of purchase of PKB, we also took over cows that were of poor quality. That’s why Al Dahra imported more cows to improve the genetic pool. “

The company added that PKB produced about 54 million litres of milk in 2017, while Al Dahra will produce 56 million litres this year. “The cows are milked four times a day to increase efficiency,” Al Dahra goes on to say in its press release.

“This is not unusual, it is done everywhere in the world,” the company’s PR said without giving precise data on how much has the livestock been reduced.

When asked what has been the company’s loss since the acquisition of PKB three years ago, Al Dahra said that “the net result is not the only measure of a company’s business, especially considering the condition in which PKB was prior to the takeover and the fact that the technology PKB had been using was outdated and that large investments that Al Dahra made have yet to yield results.”

(, Beta, 28.07.2021)



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