Al Dahra given official approval to take over PKB

The Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition has approved the takeover of PKB and its three subsidiaries – Eko Lab, PKB Agroekonomika and Veterinarska Stanica PKB – by the UAE-based company Al Dahra Agriculture.

The Commission’s website states that, in examining the effects of the competition concentration and based on the data available and the data filed by the applicant, the Commission has assessed that the concentration will not jeopardize or break competition rules in Serbia.

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“Considering that the applicant (Al Dahra) is active in only one relevant product market in Serbia – the production and the sale of apples – the Commission has concluded that there’s a negligible horizontal overlap in the operations of the participants in the concentration. According to the applicant’s data, their share in the apple production and sales market is around 5 to 10%, whereas Agroekonomika has around 0 to 5%”, the Commission says on its website.

PKB’s immovable property was sold this October to Al Dahra for around 105 million euro, and the company announced that it would invest 30 million euro in optimizing PKB’s business and boosting its capacity to achieve higher yields and raise milk quality over the next three years.

Al Dahra has been operating in Serbia since 2014 when it acquired 51% of Rudnap Agrar

(Seebiz, 03.12.2018)


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