Nikola Tesla Airport concession: Deadline extended again

Deputy PM and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic said that the deadline for deciding which bidders had qualified for sending binding bids for the Nikola Tesla Airport concession was extended due to a huge interest shown.

The new deadline for binding bids is 21st June. Mihajlovic also said that all the activities pertaining to the concession are carried out by a relevant task force. “A great interest has been shown for the concession primarily because the airport has a strategic position in the region. We have extended the deadline in order to go through everything thoroughly, and if needn’t be, provide additional information if requested. It is better to extend the deadline than miss something”, Mihajlovic added.

On 10th May, Serbian government extended the deadline for non-binding bids for the third consecutive time with the new deadline being 30th May. As the latest ad stating the extension of the deadline shows, the deadline for deciding which bidders have qualified for the stage 2 of the concession allocation process was extended following a request made by the bidders.

The deadline for submission of binding bids remains unchanged, which is 75 days from the day the Serbian government announces the names of the bidders that qualified for the second concession allocation stage.

Nikola Tesla Airport, located 17 kilometres (10 miles) from Belgrade’s city centre, serviced 4.92 million passengers in 2016, or 3 percent more than a year earlier. Between January and September 2016, it reported a net profit of 2.4 billion Serbian dinars ($21.24 million), a 13 percent increase from 2015.

Under terms of the offer, prospective bidders, companies or consortia, must not have more than a 20 percent stake in another airport within 450 kilometres of Nikola Tesla, with passenger numbers above 1 million in 2016.

(RTS, 09.06.2017)




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