Air Serbia to also fly from Nis?

The national airliner, Air Serbia could be flying from Nis airport Konstantin Veliki by the end of the year providing that the state becomes the airport’s official proprietor.

According to the website Flyfromnis, the Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic told the Belle Amie TV station that the government would invest in the airport, namely in the flight controllers tower, extension of the runway and terminal buildings as well as in the purchase of new equipment such as fire trucks.

She also said all those investments could attract new airlines to use Nis airport, adding that by the end of the year, the national airliner Air Serbia could fly from Nis airport too.

“Negotiations with Air Serbia have been going on for some time, and this is likely to happen in the course of this year”, the minister said.

However, the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said today that the state did not have to take over the ownership of the Nis airport, Konstatin Veliki, but if the government does not become the airport’s owner, the city of Nis should not ask the government to provide funds for the airport’s modernization.

“If the city of Nis wants to manage the airport, no problem. Just don’t ask us (the government) for the investment money”, Vucic said.

“We have given everything we can, and we will give even more. If you do not want our money, thank you, you have freed us from a financial obligation,” Vucic said at a press conference.

He pointed out that since 2014, the state has directly contributed to the increase in the number of passengers using the Nis airport from 1,335 to 331,582 by investing in the airport’s infrastructure.

Vucic also rejected claims that the government wanting to become the proprietor of the Nis airport was a condition that the concessionaire of the Belgrade airport, the French company Vinci insisted on.

(Nova Ekonomija, N1, 04.04.2018)

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