Air in Serbia again extremely polluted

The worst air quality this morning was recorded in the town of Čačak, but the situation is not much better in other parts of Serbia, according to data published on the IQAir and Beoeko websites.

 According to the IQAir website, the air is of the worst quality in Čačak, with an air quality index of 230 and a concentration of PM 2.5 particles which is 36 times higher than allowed.

As specified on the mentioned website, the level of PM2.5 particles in Čačak is 179.9 µg/m³, while the annual value prescribed by the WHO is 5 µg/m³.

In Novi Sad, the air quality index is 180 and the level of PM2.5 particles is 22.4 times higher than allowed. The situation is the same in Niš and certain parts of Belgrade.

The Beoeko website states that from 6 to 7 a.m. the air was extremely polluted in Zemun, Novi Beograd, Lazarevac and Bežanijska Kosa, while the air in Ovča, Despota Stefana Boulevard, Obrenovac, Vinča and Dedinje is marked as polluted, as well as in Veliki Crljeni, Topčiderska Zvezda, Vračar, Banovo Brdo, Surčin, Borča, Leštani, Mladenovac, Sopot, Autokomanda, Belgrade Waterfront and Voždovac.

The air quality was assessed as good only in Barajevo.

(Danas, 20.12.2023)

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