Ahead of Sunday election – opposition parties still divided

Local elections in 66 cities and municipalities, as well as repeated elections for councillors of the Belgrade City Assembly, will be held in four days and voters will choose from 14 electoral tickets.

This time, the opposition parties agree on only one thing and that is that the election conditions are not fair. Based on their statements, they disagree about almost everything else, and above all, on the decision on whether to participate in the upcoming elections or not.

Political science professor Miloš Bešić also thinks that the opposition did not find a common language just before the election. Although the opposition fought for better election conditions, they have not improved at all. Hence, those opposition parties that have decided to take part in the election have very little chance of achieving a good result.

“At the moment, there are two major political rifts in Serbia. One is the rift between political parties, i.e. either you support this government or you don’t. There are no other ideologies. And the second rift is regarding foreign policy – either you favour the West over Russia or vice versa. This one somehow became more explicit because of the war in Ukraine. This rift also overlaps with the division of whether you are for a strong sovereign Serbia or for integration in the direction of the West. These rifts set the tone for voters in the current political situation”, he adds.

Professor Bešić also says that this time around, the election campaign did not focus on key local problems and solutions like previous campaigns.

“Local issues were not even mentioned in campaigns. On the other hand, the key topic was the current state of the opposition parties”, he says.

Another crucial issue that was frequently talked about was whether the opposition should boycott the election or not.

“This is something that, of course, the state authorities like to hear. After all, it is in the best interest of the authorities for the opposition to be divided. Even after these elections, there will be a lot of talk about whether the opposition should have participated in the election or not. I suspect that the current authorities will emerge victorious after all of this ends”, he concludes.

(Euronews, 29.05.2024)


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