Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad cancelled, a virtual one being prepared

The Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad will not take place this year in the standard format, while the management of the Novi Sad Fair, following the example of the biggest trade fairs in Europe, is developing a platform with the intention of organizing a virtual one.

According to the number of registered exhibitors and the number of participation fees paid in first three months of this year, this year’s Agriculture Fair would have been the most successful one in the last five years – General Manager of the Novi Sad Fair, Slobodan Cvetkovic told Radio Novi Sad.

Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March, the Fair’s participants, both domestic and foreign, still paid for their exhibition areas.

First, the Fair was postponed for September, and now it has been definitely cancelled, Cvetković confirmed.

“Although, according to all available information, the number of infected people is decreasing, that is not enough, since the ban gathering of more than ten people is still in force. We did initially thought that, when the Fair takes place in September, we would measure the body temperature of the visitors to the Fair, donate a face mask with the ticket, and organize the Fair’s events so that there are no more than one person on four square metres of the exhibition space. It is far easier to implement all security measures in the open space,” stated Cvetković.

However, as he explained, a large number of exhibitors, primarily international corporations, have been ordered not to exhibit at trade fairs.

Cvetković also says that the intention is to hold the 87th International Agricultural Fair in the standard format from May 15 to 21 next year.

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In the meantime, the employees at the Novi Sad Fair are not sitting idly by. The preparation of the virtual International Agricultural Fair is underway, based on the format used by other prestigious agricultural fairs in Europe.

The International Agricultural Fair is, along with the Exit Festival, the most visited event in Novi Sad. The number of exhibitors from more than 60 countries generally exceeds 1,500 and the largest agricultural festival in Southeast Europe is visited by more than 140,000 people.

(eKapija, 19.08.2020)

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