Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad: ICE presents 14 Italian companies

The Italian Trade Commission (ICE) has presented a programme of activities of Italian companies at the 84th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad at a press conference in Belgrade.

The activities will be implemented by ICE via its Belgrade office and they will be financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

The Italian exhibition area will be located in Hall 1 of the Novi Sad Fair, and a total of 14 Italian companies will present their activities there, namely in the segments of fruit growing, technology and machines used in post-harvest treatments, irrigation equipment, packaging equipment for food processing industry, meat processing equipment and various agricultural machinery.

The following Italian companies will present their business at the Fair: Na Agriexport (parts for agricultural machinery), Belardi – Meccanica Industriale (submersible pumps for wells), Geoplant Vivai (fruit trees), Ingegneria Alimentare (processing equipment for food industry), Jarvis Italia (abattoir equipment), M.A.F. Roda Italia (equipment for selection and packing of fruits and vegetables), Maccanti Vivai International (fruit trees), Martini & Duranti (forklifts), M.C.Z. Automazioni (automatic vertical packing machines), Dalmonte Guido & Vittorio Nursery (fruit trees and vine), Orsi Group (agricultural tools and implements), Rebos Oleodinamica (hydraulic cylinders for agricultural sector), Sangoi Green (vineyard poles), and Unitec (systems for treatment of fruits and vegetables after harvesting).

Additionally, ICE will hold two seminars at the Fair – on 16th and 18th May, at which the best Italian practices and experiences will be presented, along with the opportunities for the cooperation between two countries primarily in the field of agricultural innovation and improving dairy industry.

“These are actually agricultural branches that the Serbian authorities are becoming increasingly interested in. Considering that Serbia and its market appreciate Italian excellence in this field, it was our great pleasure to accept the invitation to present and illustrate our Made in Italy experience in Serbia in these two important segments”, Giovanni Mafodda, Director of ICE’s office in Belgrade has said.

Also, in cooperation with association FEDERUNACOMA, ICE will assist in presentation of Serbian agricultural companies at the Agrilevante Fair that will take place in Bari, from 12th to 15th October. Additionally, the ICE offices are also going to organize the visit of 60 specialized companies from the Balkans (i.e. from Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Hungary) to the fair.

(eKapija, 09.05.2017)


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