Agreement reached – Fiat starts disbursing severance pay to its workers

Today, 492 Fiat workers from Kragujevac, who are not interested in going to work in Slovakia and are laid off by the company, will be disbursed severance pay in the amount of 790 euros per year of work at Fiat, as the Beta agency was told by a member of the negotiating team Zoran Miljkovic.

Of this number of workers, 451 are from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles factory (FCA) Serbia, and 41 from the Fiat Plastik factory, which makes bumpers for the 500 L model.

Miljkovic said that all the workers who will be laid off should apply to the National Employment Service in order to receive unemployment benefit which ranges from RSD 16,000 to RSD 17,000.

Also, after the meeting at the Presidency of Serbia, at which the workers discussed the technical details of the implementation of the social programme with the authorities, Miljkovic said that the deadline for workers applying to go and work at Stellantis’ factory in Slovakia was extended by seven more days.

Miljkovic also said 1,030 workers had not yet opted for any of the options.

“We have received unofficial confirmation that the employer will change the conditions for going to Slovakia, i.e. that workers will go to work for three months after which they are entitled to a one-month break during which they can go home, and then repeat that for a total of two years. In this case, the initially announced bonus of 11,000 euros is also reduced proportionally,” Miljkovic said.

He stated that it was specified at the meeting that 63 workers from protected categories would be exempted from the social programme.

According to Miljkovic, for Fiat’s workers who want to move to other companies, jobs at Zastava Tervo in Kragujevac and Borbeni Složeni Sistemi (BSS) in Velika Plana are offered.

Miljkovic added that that offer was extended to 250 workers, but that they should be previously trained to do their job at these companies.

(RTV, 29.06.2022)


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