Agreement between Serbian Government and Oracle

Serbia is the second country in Europe, after Great Britain, to have established the State Oracle Cloud Governance System, thanks to the agreement concluded between the Government’s Office for Information Technologies and e-Governance and the Oracle Company – says Mihajlo Jovanovic, the head of the Government’s Office.

“Thanks to the centralization of the information system in 145 local tax administrations, in 2019, citizens will no longer have to go to the municipality in person to obtain tax information but would be able to get it at the specialized website”, Jovanovic told reporters before the start of the annual Oracle Impact conference.

The agreement stipulates the purchase of hardware and licenses that will enable the state administration to integrate, centralize and consolidate database. The agreement also stipulates the purchase of the specialized software that will be used for storing citizens data, including numbers of ID cards, addresses etc.

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Jovanovic adds that the State Oracle Cloud System is a modern and secure platform for the development of public administration as an efficient service for citizens and businesses alike.

The agreement will bring considerable savings to the Serbian state budget. It has been estimated that close to 2 million euro will be saved thanks to the use of this centralized hardware, licensing and service procurement.

The  State Oracle Cloud System will also reform the IT systems in the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Administration, the Money Laundering Administration and the Central Registry of Mandatory Social Security, as well as in the real estate cadastre and the cadastre of underground installations through the application of e-Katastar.

The CEO of Oracle Serbia and Montenegro, Vladimir Knezevic, said that the Government of Serbia showed a clear initiative and made concrete steps towards digitization and standardization of the state administration system.

“By choosing the latest globally recognized technologies, the Office of IT and eGovernment takes the lead in the region and will enable our IT professionals to work on state-of-the-art systems, which will enable the state to provide better conditions for all its citizens in the long run, and at the same time, reduce brain-drain,” he said.

(Vecernje Novosti, 25.09.2018)

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