After media reports, Indian workers at Linglong receive overdue salaries

Indian workers, 11 of them, who were working at the Linglonga construction site in Zrenjanin and for whom the Astra organization filed a report on suspicion of human trafficking, are returning to their homes.

They were escorted to Nikola Tesla Airport by activists involved in their case.

The workers were paid overdue wages and Linglong returned their passports. They are leaving the country after they gave statements in the Zrenjanin police department regarding the case opened by the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in that city, due to suspicion of human trafficking.

The Chinese company attempted to send the workers back to India without paying their overdue salaries, as well as prevent them from communicating to the media and the police.

To remind, the Astra organization filed a report on suspicion of human trafficking, citing the conditions that the Indian workers lived and worked in.  

Linglong owed the workers several months’ worth of unpaid wages, while their passports were confiscated throughout their stay in Serbia. The workers complained about extremely bad living and working conditions, while the certain provisions of their job contracts were in direct violation of the Serbian labour laws.

(Danas, 12.02.2024)

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